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The sales management and production based software tool for the awning industry.


Automated Pricing and Proposals

Awning Manager calculates quick and accurate pricing from your own secure database of rates covering fabrics, framing, posts, paint finishes, graphics, and more; plus you have the ability to set pricing thresholds for minimum and maximum levels. Eliminate pricing errors, omissions, and the cumbersome task of proofing your sales representatives’ figures. Create instantaneous professional looking proposals with the ability to edit for out of the ordinary items.

Ensure adherence to standards and free up more resources for sales by eliminating the time wasted on lengthy calculations and manually typing proposals!


Calculates material needs

Save 100% of the time previously spent calculating fabric and metal needs; Awning Manager does it for you without mistakes. This assists in making production more proactive by automatically queuing fabric needs, saving freight costs by batching orders, and reducing inventory.

Awning Manager helps streamline your production process.


Generates Fabrication Sheets

Automatically generates clear and concise fabrication sheets instructing welders, sewers, graphics personnel, and installers on particulars of every job. Ensures consistency of specifics from pricing to proposals to fabrication sheets eliminating possible errors. Awning Manager also integrates an edit function for special production or installation requirements.

Imagine the money you’ll save by reducing costly production errors…


Editable 3D Drawings

Composes comprehensive three dimensional drawings of awnings’ and canopies’ framing with dimensions. Each frame member is listed and can be modified to allow for cut outs or other installation needs. Awning Manager also has the ability to mix and match tube sizes, gauges, and post placements.

Get rid of those hand drawings and start providing CAD quality illustrations to your customers and shop personnel!


Maintains Customers and Sales Data

Awning Manager provides management reports of proposals and sales for any selected period of time allowing a quick review of outstanding quotes, activity levels, and closing ratios by company or sales representatives. Paperless and secure archiving of all customer and fabrication particulars is accessible to all users easily allowing the sharing of information from current and past transactions.


Integrates Google maps

Easily generate site view maps showing customers’ exact location to assist sales and installation personnel with directions.

Eliminate copying pages out of key maps or creating hand sketches of locations!

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